Amalias fredagsfrågor: Simone Caporale

Han är en av världens mest berömda och prisbelönta bartenders, som bland annat medverkat till att Artesian i London utsågs till världens bästa bar fyra år i rad 2012-2015. Idag reser han världen runt och håller master classes och provningar och nästa fredag håller han en onlineprovning med Amaro Santoni som man inte vill missa.
Möt supersympatiske Simone Caporale!

Hello Simone, which drink or beverage would you choose to treat your….

1. …parents or in laws with?
– Recently divorced but I believe an Italian Aperitivo would gather the good memories with my ex family…being a bartender I have learned how to keep things good and cool no matter how some things get to an unplanned direction.

2. …your beloved?
– I’m single right now, so a chilled aromatic white wine would be a good excuse to invite someone for a lunch, or eventually I would prepare a cocktail I have created with my latest brand, Amaro Santoni, which will take my date to Florence with the imagination.

3. …your boss?
– Luckily today I am my own boss, although most of the project I am involved are involving larger groups of people, each of them covering different roles… so I would definitely raise a glass to everyone that contribute with their passion and expertise.. a raised glass of what? I would do it with a CANAIMA Gin mixed with pink grapefruit soda!!! Fresh and delicious!

4. …yourself?
– EVERYTHING!!! I would drink everything as long as it have ethic behind and within the capabilities to be responsible in every action.

5. …a dream dinner guest, who would it be and what would you treat him/her with and why?
– ROBERT DE NIRO… I have served him when I was 15 years old in Lake Como. I was the only one who speak English back then at the bar… so I had to go and look after him at the bar… I was not informed he was “De Niro”… but he looked familiar to me…after I served him a vermouth with ice, my naive age made me say: “ sir, you look like the actor from Goodfellas” he said: “ oh really” with a subtle smile at me…
It’s time to meet him again and prepare a cocktail for him… perhaps a SHAKERATO WITH Amaro Santoni… I could happily cook for him too… I love food and I love to cook fresh pasta! Salute!

I am GREEN with envy about this and would seriously consider to crash this dinner! Thank you Simone and have a lovely weekend!